In a climate like Thunder Bay’s; summers can offer some very warm weather. However, it soon fades to the brisk, dry cold of winter. Mother Nature can be cruel on your hardscape projects. Seasonal hardscape maintenance is essential to protect and preserve the beauty and integrity of your concrete products.

General Maintenance

Clean your pavers each spring with a coarse-bristle broom and a paver cleaner to keep them looking like new.
Some weeds, if left unaddressed, can force pavers apart over time. Be sure to periodically apply a weed preventive between joints as part of your paver maintenance.
Be careful when cleaning your pavers with pressure washers as they can expose the aggregate on the paver’s surface.


Before applying any paver cleaning solution to your hardscape, test a small subtle area first to be sure you get your desired results.
Be sure to read and follow the direction written on container labels for use of cleaning solution, application, precautions and first aid. Always rinse the solution off thoroughly after use.
In the event of an oil spill, act to remove it immediately with oil absorbent. Spills should be soaked up, not rubbed. Rubbing will drive the stain deeper into the concrete.


De-icing substances, when used in appropriate amounts, will not damage good quality concrete. However, they may accelerate surface wear on some paver styles. Use them in moderation.
Sealers should not be applied more than once in three years, to a maximum of two applications. Too many applications will create a film on the surface which may discolor in sunlight.
The joints between paving stones are the most vulnerable areas of any instillation. Keep these joints topped off with jointing sand to prevent the sand-bedding layer below from deteriorating, causing the pavers to shift.