Lockstone Yard & Patio Centre does recommend speaking with a professional contractor for installing hardscapes. Though in case you are handy and looking to tackle it yourself, we have made an easy 3 step installation guide.

Step 1: Planning and Preparing

First off, plan out where you are going to lay your hardscapes. Now outline your chosen area with wooden stakes and a string line. Dig down 6-8 inches and lay your base (i.e. crushed rock). On average this layer should amount to be approximately 4 inches deep. Be sure to rake the surface until it is level. Finally, use a manual compactor to harden the rock and create a solid foundation.

Step 2: Placing the Pavers

Next, lay a 1 inch thick layer of sand over the area you have cut out. Do not compact the sand. Choose a corner and begin laying your pavers in a staggered pattern. Measure over to your strong line often to ensure you stay on track.

Step 3: Sand and Sweep

Once all of the pavers are in place; sweep sand across the area and into every joint. Using a rubber mallet, begin at the perimeter and work inward to set all the pavers evenly. Once the area is level sweep a final layer of sand over the area ensuring every joint is filled.


For any further questions on how to install pavers, please contact us.